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Outbound Sales as a Service

Supercharge your B2B sales function with a powerful combination of data-driven buying signals and optimised outreach sequences.

Unlock growth with strategic outbound sales

For start-ups and scale-ups in the UK seeking to supercharge their lead generation, OSaaS (Outbound Sales as a Service) is a revolutionary model designed to scale your sales function faster.


Harness the power of our expertise in sales strategy, data-driven prospecting methodologies, Sales Tech and RevOps platforms, email writing and outreach strategies.

We work alongside your own sales function, or independently in the early stages of your business to rapidly test market potential, product messaging, sales technology stacks and outbound prospecting approaches.

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What does the OSaaS model include?

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Getting a strategic understanding of your business and its goals

A detailed half-day consultancy session in-person or virtually, establishing who you sell to, what they need and how your solution meets their needs.


We look to understanding what’s working, what’s not working, and what you want to achieve. This includes:

  • Go-To-Market Motion Review

  • Features/Advantages/Benefits Matrix

  • Ideal Customer Profiling

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