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How can a little green man help you when building a stellar sales team?

A little green Martian looking confused in an array of sporting equipment

Are you on a mission to build a top-notch sales team that will drive your business to new heights? If so, you know that the interview process is crucial to finding the right talent. In this blog post, we'll unveil five essential interview questions that will help you identify and hire exceptional junior talent. Get ready to revolutionise your hiring approach and assemble a dream team that will take your business to the next level.

Question 1: Embracing Failure and Growth 🛩

Ben Bennett, Co-Founder of Second Voice Pro, shares a powerful question: "When was the last time you failed at something, and what did you learn from the experience?" This question goes beyond the fear of failure and delves into a candidate's ability to reflect, embrace a growth mindset, and learn from mistakes. Their response provides valuable insights into their resilience, self-awareness, and capacity for personal and professional development.

Question 2: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 💪

Rebecca West, Recruitment Manager at UCL and Second Voice Pro Advisor, emphasises the importance of teamwork skills. Alongside asking about a candidate's experience working in teams, their role, and what went well, she suggests paying attention to their language and accountability. Do they use the word "we" to demonstrate a spirit of sharing and collaboration? Do they take responsibility for shortcomings? Their answer not only reveals their teamwork capabilities but also provides insights into the support and coaching they might require if hired.

Question 3: Selling with Passion 🚀

Michael Piddock, Head of Strategy at Second Voice Pro, presents an intriguing scenario to candidates: "Imagine I'm an alien visiting from Mars, and I want to take back one thing from Earth to tell my fellow Martians about. Now think of something you're really passionate about and convince me I should choose that to take back." This question allows candidates to showcase their persuasive skills, passion, and ability to construct a compelling argument. It also offers an opportunity to assess how they handle objections and curveballs, demonstrating their adaptability and quick thinking.

Question 4: Handling Rejection with Grace 🎯

Sara Osterholzer, Co-founder of Second Voice Pro, highlights the importance of resilience in Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). She asks, "Life is full of no's. When did you last experience rejection, what was it, and how did you deal with it?" This question is a vital gauge of a candidate's ability to handle the inevitable rejections in an SDR role. The goal is not to find emotional robots but individuals who are emotionally disciplined, possess a growth mindset, and view rejection as part of the journey. Look for candidates who focus on personal growth, accept rejection as a learning experience, and maintain a positive outlook on the future.

Question 5: Preparedness and Understanding ✅

Shobhan Gajjar, business consultant and advisor, recommends asking entry-level candidates, "What's your understanding of what the job entails?" This question provides valuable insights into a candidate's level of preparation, thinking processes, and organisational skills. A blank face or lack of knowledge can raise red flags, indicating a lack of interest or initiative.

By incorporating these five interview questions into your hiring process, you'll gain deeper insights into candidates' abilities, mindset, and potential fit within your sales team. Remember, building a successful sales team requires a combination of skills, attitude, and cultural alignment. So, gear up, refine your approach, and get ready to build a sales team that will drive your business towards unprecedented success.

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