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Streamline your SDR hiring process with these 3 essential technologies

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Hiring junior candidates like Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) is a critical task for start-ups. To ensure a seamless and effective hiring process, leveraging the right technologies is essential.

In this blog, we'll explore three technologies — Workable, Plum, and HireVue — that can support your SDR recruitment. Discover how these tools can help you attract top talent, assess candidates accurately, and make informed hiring decisions.

Let's dive in and optimise your SDR hiring process for success.

Workable - Simplify and Centralize Your SDR Recruitment Efforts

Workable is an applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to streamline your SDR hiring process. With Workable, you can optimize your recruitment workflow, post job listings to multiple job boards, and track applicants effortlessly. Workable's intuitive interface allows you to manage the entire candidate pipeline from a centralised dashboard, ensuring efficient collaboration with your hiring team. By automating manual tasks, Workable saves you time and effort, enabling you to focus on selecting the best SDR candidates for your startup.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamlessly post SDR job listings to various job boards, maximising visibility.

  • Manage and track candidate applications, resumes, and interviews in one place.

  • Facilitate collaboration and communication with your hiring team, streamlining decision-making.

  • Gain insights into recruitment metrics to optimize your SDR hiring strategy.

Plum - Assess Candidates' Potential and Fit Beyond CVs

Plum is an AI-powered pre-employment assessment platform that goes beyond traditional CV evaluation. By utilizing scientifically validated assessments, Plum helps you identify SDR candidates with the right cognitive abilities, personality traits, and workplace preferences. The platform provides objective insights into candidates' potential and fit for SDR roles, enabling you to make data-driven hiring decisions. With Plum, you can reduce biases and improve the quality of your SDR hires.

Key Benefits:

  • Assess candidates' cognitive abilities, personality traits, and workplace preferences.

  • Identify SDR candidates with the potential to succeed in your organisation's specific context.

  • Reduce unconscious biases and increase diversity in your SDR team.

  • Make informed hiring decisions based on data-driven insights.

HireVue - Enhance SDR Candidate Evaluation with Video Interviews

HireVue is a video interviewing and assessment platform that enhances your SDR candidate evaluation process. Conduct structured video interviews with SDR candidates remotely, saving time and resources. HireVue's AI-powered assessments provide insights into candidates' soft skills, situational judgment, and verbal communication abilities. By utilising HireVue, you can make accurate assessments and identify SDR candidates who align with your startup's culture and requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Conduct video interviews with SDR candidates remotely, improving flexibility and efficiency.

  • Evaluate candidates' soft skills, situational judgment, and communication abilities effectively.

  • Leverage AI-powered assessments to gain deeper insights into candidate quality.

  • Make data-driven hiring decisions based on objective performance metrics.

When it comes to hiring junior candidates like SDRs for your startup, leveraging the right technologies can make all the difference. By incorporating these into your SDR recruitment process, you can simplify candidate management, assess potential beyond CVs/resumes, and conduct efficient video interviews.

Optimising your SDR hiring process with these technologies will enhance your chances of attracting top talent and building a high-performing SDR team.


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