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Everything Outbound

Accelerate your outreach tech-stack, sales team, and outbound motion.

Create a modern sales engine

Sales Leaders have never had so many tools at their disposal, data sources to lean on, or ‘gurus’ to offer them advice on what they’re doing wrong. It’s overwhelming and unhelpful.

Second Voice is about amplifying and scaling what’s working, and helping you to introduce impactful changes in confidence.

We handle “Everything Outbound” so Business Owners and Sales Leaders can focus on what they’re good at.


prospects in tightened target persona

hyper targeted prospects via unique email message


enhanced personalised content

campaign-ROI based on pipeline increase

How we supercharged sales for a SaaS health & wellness platform

Our work with a venture / angel funded SaaS wellness platform unlocked a ‘backdoor’ into enterprise HR teams, creating a scalable, evergreen lead-generation mechanism.

Is the way you send sales emails putting your business at risk?

85% of companies use their primary domain (i.e their main website domain) for their outbound lead generation activities, putting their infrastructure at risk.


Our resources explain why this is unnecessary, and how you can fix it quickly. Subscribe for more tips and ideas every month.


Who we help


Sales Leaders

Who know how to create outbound sales engines, but recognise the strength of having a multi-skilled partner alongside them.



Where processes and sales methodologies are well established, but are beginning to flatline and need an injection of new ideas.



Who understand the importance of outbound sales activity, but want to move away from Founder-led sales and avoid costly mistakes.

We’re accelerating outbound sales for

ben and sara about us

Our story

After years building sales strategies for emerging businesses, and being asked countless times to continue and operate their sales teams on a permanent basis, Sara and Ben founded Second Voice to improve the way B2B businesses build and enhance their sales function.

Now with a team of specialists across people, process and technology, we're modernising sales teams with sensible use of AI. We offer a new model that helps clients move away from founder-led sales, creaking processes or dated technology, while creating scalable processes, resources, and talented teams.

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