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  • Mike Piddock

Client conversation: Rafa from Ujji

In this conversation between Second Voice founder Ben Bennett and Ujji founder Rafael (Rafa) Guper, they discuss Ujji's SaaS solution and how it addresses the training and development needs of startups and scale-ups, before diving into Rafa's outbound sales processes and how this have evolved with Second Voice.

Topics covered include:

Ujji's Origin:

Rafa and his co-founder, Ludmila, identified a need for better training and development in the fast-paced startup and scale-up environment. They noticed that founders and business leaders often ended up micromanaging because they lacked trust in their teams' ability to achieve key performance indicators.

Product / Market Fit:

Ujji's primary focus is on startups and scale-ups, with the aim of addressing their specific training and development needs. Rafa's introduces Ujji AI, a tool that helps companies create custom training content quickly, covering areas like new hire onboarding, culture building, lead generation, sales processes, CRM management, and customer success approaches.

Early Customer Acquisition & Personal Brand:

Ujji's initial approach to customer acquisition was to leverage personal networks and reach out to relevant decision-makers, addressing the pain points faced by founders and leaders in fast-growing companies.

Collaboration with Second Voice:

Ujji engaged with Second Voice to improve their sales processes, refine their ideal customer profile (ICP), and optimise their outreach strategy. They worked on sequencing and learned from the expertise of Second Voice to enhance their sales efforts.

Continuous Learning:

The importance of testing and learning when it comes to sales strategies. He highlighted the value of being open to change and being willing to adapt and evolve based on data-driven insights.

Advice to Startup Founders:

Rafa suggests stress-testing messaging and strategies with industry experts before reaching out to a large number of potential clients. This approach can help startups refine their sales processes and enhance their credibility.


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