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  • Mike Piddock

Landing your outbound emails in the primary inbox

Mike Piddock, CMO and host of the Everything Outbound webinar series, is joined by Ben Bennett, co-founder and CEO. We explore the critical importance of ensuring that outbound sales emails land in the primary inbox of recipients, and discuss the practical steps to achieving this.

Topics of discussion include:

Using separate domains: We suggest using separate domains for outbound sales emails as a best practice. This approach helps maintain the health of your main domain, preventing negative feedback from impacting your website's ranking and overall email deliverability.

Configuring DNS records: We emphasise the importance of correctly configuring DNS records for your email domains. Three critical settings include SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records, which validate the legitimacy of your emails and improve your chances of landing in the primary inbox.

Email warm-up: We explain the concept of email warm-up, a crucial step when introducing a new email domain. Email warm-up involves gradually increasing your email sending volume to establish the domain's credibility and trustworthiness.

Email rotation: To further enhance email deliverability, we cover the importance of inbox rotation. By using multiple inboxes and rotating them, you reduce the risk of email providers identifying your emails as high-volume marketing messages, improving your chances of reaching the primary inbox.

Sender/email provider: We discuss the significance of matching the sender's email provider with the recipient's provider. For example, sending from a Microsoft account to another Microsoft account or a Google account to another Google account can improve email deliverability.

Content and language: Crafting emails with engaging, non-spammy language is essential. We advise avoiding spam-triggering words and focusing on creating emails that pique curiosity and encourage a response. Tools like Lavender can help analyse and improve email content.

Spintax for variation: We introduce spintax, a technique that allows you to create multiple variations of your email content, helping you avoid sending identical emails, enhancing email deliverability and engagement.

Data quality: We briefly touch on the importance of data quality, emphasising the need to validate email addresses before sending emails to prevent bounces and maintain a positive sender reputation.


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