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  • Mike Piddock

Everything Outbound: The Webinar Episode Zero / Part 3: Customers

In this section, Ben, Sara and Mike talk about customers using Second Voice to hire, train and manage SDRs, as well as run outreach campaigns on autopilot - Outbound Sales as a Service (oSaaS). Topics include:

  1. Continuously Refining Outbound: Continuous refinement of outreach processes is essential when working with customers. There's a need to adapt and adjust strategies based on ongoing learnings and insights.

  2. Never Stop Testing and Learning: It's important for both service providers and clients to approach outbound sales as a testing, learning, and iterative process. The initial strategies may need adjustments based on real-world results.

  3. Taking a Customized Approach: Clients should be open to customized approaches and not assume that one strategy will work universally. This includes adjusting messaging, channels, and timing based on the specific target audience.

  4. Adopting a Team Approach: The relationship between service providers and clients should be seen as a team effort. This includes creating open channels of communication, sharing insights, and using the service provider as an additional resource.

  5. Making an Impact Beyond Sales: The insights and knowledge gained through outbound sales efforts can impact various aspects of a client's business, including marketing and overall strategy.

  6. Creating Efficiency Through Automation: Technology can be used to automate certain aspects of onboarding and client interactions, making processes more efficient and saving time for both parties.


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