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  • Mike Piddock

Everything Outbound: The Webinar Episode Zero / Part 1: SDRs

In this section, Ben, Sara and Mike talk about SDRs - hiring, onboarding, ramping and managing them. Some of the key points that come up include:

  1. It's a Complex Role: SDRs play a crucial role in outbound sales, and their job is more complex than often perceived. They need skills in copywriting, persuasion, software research, data analysis, and insight reporting.

  2. There's No One-Size-Fits-All Approach: SDRs come from different backgrounds and levels of experience, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing and coaching them.

  3. Adaptation and Support is Critical: Leadership teams must quickly adapt to support SDRs in their roles and set realistic expectations, especially for those in their first or second sales job.

  4. The Importance of Office Environment Cannot be Overlooked: The office environment fosters camaraderie and enhances learning opportunities, which is crucial for SDRs. Remote work can be challenging for them, and being in the office helps create a supportive learning atmosphere.

  5. Adopt a Culture of Continuous Learning: SDRs should be like sponges, eager to learn and develop themselves. Continuous learning is a key part of their role, and it's important to create a culture of learning and support.

Watch the video for all the insights...


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