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  • Mike Piddock

Ramping SDRs - Weekly Plan

This one-week timetable outlines our approach to managing new SDRs during the ramping phase. That is, the period after initial onboarding, but before they are fully operational and achieving expected success levels.

SDR training template cover image
What does the plan give you?

This template provides a one-week timetable to lay out a typical ramping schedule for a new SDR. At this stage, it is crucial that support and training is personalised to their individual needs, within this overall weekly timeframe.

MONDAY - Sharpening the Saw 🪚

  • Sales skills training session led by the SDR Manager.

TUESDAY - Fusion of Minds 👯

  • SDR-only peer support session facilitated by a different designated SDR.

WEDNESDAY - Cultivating Curiosity 🐱

  • SDR-led session with a different SDR unveiling a new resource each week.

THURSDAY - Real-World Playtime 🌍

  • Role play and feedback session facilitated by seasoned sales specialists.

FRIDAY - Reflect and Ascend 🪞

  • Review of new skills session orchestrated by the SDR Manager.

Each day of the week has a specific focus, ensuring a well-rounded approach to skill development and professional growth in the team.

Download for all the detail.


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