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SDR Interview Playbook

This playbook incorporates our 12 Point Assessment for SDR candidates, including key traits that will make them effective at outbound sales, and sample interview questions to measure against these traits.

What does the playbook give you?

This playbook provides a simple structured approach to interviewing SDRs, without relying on their CVs. In fact, we use this approach CV-blind, so we're assessing the individual and their responses to questions designed to assess for specific traits.

We score candidates against twelve traits which each map to four key criteria we look for in every hire:

  • Coachability

  • Communication

  • Resilience

  • Growth Mindset

For each of the twelve traits, we identify key things we are looking for, and construct a line of questioning designed to extract this information as fairly as possible.

This playbook gives sample questions against each of the twelve traits.


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